Dear Followers

This will be the last time i logg in on this URL. Ive been in inpatient treatment for almost a year, thank you to all that wrote me and gave me the support i needed. My social worker is taking down this URL but i care about all my followers so much I begged to post one last thing.. Little does she know my new URl is Thank you all for all the support MUAH XOXOXOXOX

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Hey. How's everything?

Hey beautiful! It’s me…. I screwed up. I’ve been awake now for 21 hours. I don’t really know what happened. I kinda just blacked out. They said I’m lucky to be alive. I’m acually happy to be alive right now. My best friend has been here at the hospital the whole time. Brought flowers everyday I was out. I was almost in a coma I guess. Thank you for everything you said. Your an angel. There’s alot I should share about my experience.